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Lea's Conditional Kindness

Adriana shares her side of the argument with Lea.

Unfortunately it is very sad to realize that the people you love the most are also the people who can hurt you the most.

It is so hurtful and disappointing to see a friend turn a sliver of truth into a mountain of lies. I've always been loyal to Lea and always thanked her for helping me in the past. Her help consisted of buying some paintings from me and she also bought my watch, at a time when I needed it. I first met Lea in 2006, a period in which I was indeed a single mom struggling. I'm not ashamed of that time of adversity in my life -- millions of people go through that!  I didn't start dating Frederic until the end of 2008. There is a 2 years gap there, in which I was working really hard trying to cover two mortgages -- my home and my business -- plus providing for and raising my son by myself. Those were very difficult times.

As an art dealer, I made my living selling art at the gallery I had on Fisher Island, and Lea did come in and bought some pieces from me, but she received tangible assets in return -- she purchased something valuable. She never supported me or gave me money and received nothing back. To misconstrue the facts and say she was single-handedly paying for my son's school and  buying us groceries is a form of sadistic humiliation to both me and my son. Moreover, to say that she was even supporting Frederic is a shameless lie! The only art piece she bought from me after Frederic was a portrait of herself in 2010. During the same time, I also gave back to her as much as I could. I gave my time as a volunteer to her gala -- I was part of its committee,  and each year I donated an art piece to be auctioned, and the profits were 100% donated to her charity. But I don't believe in going tit-for-tat, because what I did was from the bottom of my heart, I gave unconditionally.

True acts of kindness should never be CONDITIONAL and should not be thrown in people's faces. Keeping tabs on the "purchases of kindness" she made in the past and gossiping about it to everyone else is also a very unkind attitude. From a longtime friend -- who claims to believe in second chances -- I would expect a bit more empathy and only wished she treated me in a less arrogant and belittling way, as had been the case many times in the past.