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Meet Joanna's New Puppy!

Joanna gives an update on her new dog, Darla.

The best part of Romain’s surprise dinner was when he surprised me with little Darla, whom he rescued from the humane society in Miami. He knew I missed my dogs back in LA and wanted to keep me busy with a puppy in Miami so I wouldn’t miss them too much… His idea was to save Darla from the shelter and we would foster her until she would find a permanent home, but we fell in love with her to the point where we couldn't let her go even though we found her a possible permanent home. Now she is living in LA with our 5 other dogs. The plan to have her as our Miami dog didn't work, because as soon as I brought her to visit the rest of the zoo in LA, they all got along so well and she loved her new brothers and sisters so much that I couldn't bring her back to Miami to be alone without them.

Here is Darla a few months later at 7 months old and still growing… We still have no idea what kind of dog she is, but all that matters is that she brings us love and happiness. Romain is obsessed with her and can't imagine his life without little Darla!