Lea Black

Lea was shocked by Alexia's digs.

on Aug 12, 2013

Truth or Consequences

Welcome back! Are we having FUN yet? How beautiful is Miami? We are so lucky to live in a vacation destination. The show will be just like Miami -- sizzling hot!

I'm always ready for surprises, but even I was taken aback by tonight’s biggest surprise -- Alexia’s lie, quoting me as having said her son Peter should go to JAIL for 25 years! Everyone knows I have spent 19 years raising funds to help give kids second chances and keep them out of jail.

Visit www.theblacksannualgala.com and see my stance against sending kids to prison. What I do speaks louder than what the phonies say.

So, why would Alexia perpetrate this lie? She knows it's a lie. She knows I reached out immediately after Peter was arrested and offered my support many times. (Should Alexia tell us which of the haters told her that lie? And why she would repeat it, at Peter’s expense?)