Lisa Hochstein

Lisa felt Lea was being attacked at the Venue party (and was not being hypocritical).

on Sep 2, 2013

I think Fredric was simply being a good guest and I don't think he had any ill intent when saying hi to Romain. If Romain and Frederic made amends after Fredric tweeted about Romain, he should have simply moved on.

I thought it was very immature of Ana to get such joy out of making Lea uncomfortable when she went over to say hi to Joanna. I felt bad for Lea, because she simply went to support Alexia at the Venue party and she was being attacked. She was pleasant to everyone, which is how any adult guest should act at a party. I was also shocked that Alexia got in Lea's face and called her a hypocrite, especially in front of Ana. Lea didn't go there to start any drama and all it did was make her feel uncomfortable. Not very good host etiquette. Some of these women have said that I like to “stir the pot” or get in other people’s business, but it seems like they are being a bunch of hypocrites.