Lisa Hochstein

Lisa dishes on her drama with the preservationists.

on Aug 19, 2013

In spite of their attempts, the city of Miami Beach’s design review board unanimously voted to allow us the demolition and approved our new plans. Since this time, these preservationists had appealed the decision to a special master who upheld the city decision. Unfortunately they did not stop there. The preservationists are now suing us and the city of Miami Beach for giving us this permission. My husband has even offered to donate the home and help pay for its relocation, but has been turned down. The fact is these people do not care about the home, they just want publicity for their cause that they otherwise would not ever get. They are a despicable bunch that is targeting the wrong people. They give preservationists a bad name.

In this scene Lenny and I decided to check up on things at the Star Island house, something we often do. The reason I was having a hard time with the Ferrari is because Lenny had just bought it for me a few days ago, and this was the second time I had driven it. It’s a little different from most cars I've driven.