Marysol Patton

Marysol is happy with Elsa's recovery thus far.

on Sep 30, 2013

After mom’s accident we had an outpouring of flowers, visits, and phone calls from friends all over the world. It wasn’t until one day that my father said to me have you heard anything from your mom’s friend Lea that I realized, “Oh wow no we haven’t heard a peep.” Subsequently two plus months passed by and we never heard from Lea. I wasn’t upset about it, but then again I did find it quite strange and actually quite rude and in poor taste.

The journey of my mom’s brush with death has been an agonizing experience that today still tortures me emotionally. I often go to mom’s house and sit in her living room or walk around the house and try to envision her walking around laughing and being herself. I went to mom’s to flip through some old photo albums hoping to see her photos to remember her in better days. Unfortunately, looking at the photos just made me really emotional and made me miss my mom even more.

My father popped by with Napoleon which always brings a smile to my face. Dad seems really positive that mom will get back to her old self, so that gives me solace and hope. My parents were in the middle of a heated separation and divorce over the past few years, and it took the tragedy of mom’s health to bring them closer together. The one decent thing that came out of mom’s crisis was it brought my parents closer together.