Alex McCord NJ

Alex talks Danielle drama, Brownstone charity events gone awry, Kim G's two-faced ways, and more!

on Jun 23, 2010


Hooooo-boy, I’m so behind on blogging NJ that viewers must’ve thought one of my RHONY castmates called Danielle’s people to take care of me. Or maybe I was busy lobbying to get Bergen County’s blue laws repealed. Nope, the truth is I just got bogged down, and for that I guess I get the "ho-bag of the week" award. Life’s been a little crazy with our three-part reunion and our book tour, which has been going beautifully – thanks, everyone! So this blog isn’t 10 pages long I’m going to hit the highlights of the episodes I missed.

Congratulations to Teresa and Joe! Leave it to Teresa to give birth while still looking glam – luckily she got off her email faster than I did with Johan – we barely made it there in time. Loved watching Chris’ face at Scores and it was a great first effort with the car wash – maybe moonlight car washes and guys can pay extra to wash their own car while the girls dance?

Seems like Danielle had good intentions with the benefit for the sick child, but that exploded into psychodrama, didn’t it? Take it from me, if you are asked to attend a charity function where there will be people you don’t want to see, you show up, do your job (bringing donations, taking pictures, whatever it is, etc.) and leave. Not only is this easy to accomplish, Simon and I have accomplished it at the Brownstone. It’s a very big venue! It was absolutely appropriate to invite Kim, but what planet was Danielle on, to bring a group of guys who as far as I can see did not pay or even make a reservation, and instead paced around the perimeter of the room like they were about to take the whole party hostage? It seemed that the family of the sick child didn’t know all these people were coming with Danielle either, and they were clearly embarrassed. I’ve met my share of Hells Angels and Guardian Angels and tough guys, and without exception they have been lovely people who like their bikes and protecting people. These guys, on the other hand, looked like they scared the s**t out of the guests, which is not what you want when you’re raising money for anything.