Caroline Manzo

Caroline talks Danielle drama, responds to threats, and recaps Fashion Week.

on May 17, 2010

Jacqueline and the boys are too cute for words. She’s very hands on with them and is dedicated to their well-being. I felt bad when CJ said he didn’t like to see Jacqueline and Ashley fight, so did Jacqueline. However, it was a good thing for all to see, one of those moments when you look at yourself from the outside in and learn from it. I haven’t spoken to Ashley to see how she felt, but I’m guessing she would agree.

Dina, Dina, Dina ... Trust me when I tell you, smudging, sage, and beads is not the answer. If only life were that simple! Having said that, who am I to question what gives her peace of mind? If smoking out a bracelet brings Dina tranquility, then go for it!!! Whatever makes you happy! I tease her about this all of the time. One of these days I’m gonna get a face full of sage, I just know it!!! That wouldn’t be very Zen of her, would it? All kidding aside, she’s a tough cookie and finally realizes that sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! WATCH AND SEE.

Dinner at Teresa’s was great! I could not believe all of the energy she had! It was like watching the Energizer Bunny, she just kept going, and going, and going! Joe was late getting home and the kids were exhausted, but it didn’t stop them from putting on multiple "shows" throughout the night. The food was great, and the company even better. Watching those kids is like looking at a real life cartoon. Their huge eyes and over the top outfits along with their larger than life personalities is never dull, trust me! As Teresa says, "Love, love, love them!"

The shopping scene with the girls was a little intense; thank God I only had one! It was like a feeding frenzy, snakeskin and zebra leggings everywhere!!! I don’t think Teresa allowed Gia to get all of those clothes. Good for her for putting the kibosh on it, the last thing you want is to start a pattern of overindulging, especially with a house full of girls!

Gia rocked the runway, as expected! I was so happy for Teresa; she was a very proud mommy. I still can’t get over how she looked, nine months pregnant, wearing a mini dress and five inch heals! Only Teresa...