Caroline Manzo

Caroline describes the events that transpired between her family and Danielle at The Brownstone benefit.

on May 31, 2010

11. The conversation between Danny and Danielle on the balcony, again, think back. He clearly asked her what she wanted him to do, her response was, whatever you want, just don’t hurt the family of the child. What???? WHAT!!!! She then laughed and said you’re pretty fired up. His response was something to the effect that he was going to F the place up. Let me ask you, what kind of person says that? What kind of person would give the green light to cause physical damage to a building, not to mention, the possibility of hurting innocent patrons, people that are gathered there to support a family in crisis.

12. Danielle then went to someone and said that they were going to leave with “dignity” before something happened. Think back – she said she was thrown out. No one threw her out. NO ONE.

13. Upon leaving The Brownstone, Danielle mentioned to Danny that Christopher said they were in for a surprise. He then proceeded to say that WE were in for a surprise, calling the Manzos punks. How interesting that he didn’t have the guts to say it to anyone’s face. Danny then goes outside and leaves Danielle alone in the lobby. Again, THINK BACK – did you notice her face? She was loving every single minute … EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

14. Just in case you missed it, when Kim G told Danny that our sons were friends he said something that was bleeped out. Do you know what that was? He called Christopher a FAGGOT, twice. Again, THINK BACK to last year when Danielle was so offended by Joe’s “gay” remark. She allowed my son to be called a faggot with malicious intent and said nothing. NOTHING. I don’t even know what to say about the 30 to life (?) remark and face that went along with it. Danielle was so proud and amused. I wasn’t.

15. Finally, did you notice Danielle’s face when driving off? It clearly looked to me like a person whose mission was accomplished.