Danielle Staub

Danielle talks about her falling out with Kim G., and calls out Jacqueline for "playing innocent."

on Aug 2, 2010


This week's episode, as always there was very little I care to address except maybe to point out for ____(who?) saying that I in any way could be responsible for her relationship with anyone is absurd to say the least. But, specifically to say I have anything to do with her not having a relationship with Caroline is completely and utterly out of line, and untrue. As she pointed out in episode 1, and I quote, "I am not friends with Caroline Manzo, I am friends with you Danielle." My point here is, your sons have been friends for most of their lives. And yet, you don't have a relationship, didn't have one then, didn't have one now. So it didn't have anything to do with me then, and guess what? It still doesn't. Get a life, stop meddling in my business. Stop using my name. Stop saying you are a good friend, because I have good friends, and they certainly don't behave like you do. Stop running from one side to the other because without me, nobody would care what you have to say. As I would think even "the others" would agree on this one, without me nobody would care about you anyway. Jacqueline used you to get information about what I was doing in my life. Just as she used me in season 1 to make herself feel and look better for whatever reason, to her own family. When she is done with you, she will dispose of you just like she did to me. Maybe even sooner. Oh, look at that, your time is up already. Buh bye- _____ (who?)

And Jacqueline, nice try in trying to make the world think you are innocent in any of this. Let me break it down for you; you knew she was hanging out with me and you kept her around ONLY because she was hanging out with me, which in essence makes you the biggest instigator of them all. Nice try though, Jacqueline. You are becoming very sloppy with your obsession with me. Clean it up, girl.

Teresa, and the others, stop saying Dina can't be around because of me. I'm not around any of you, so did you think maybe perhaps Dina doesn't want to be around you? The only time I was around was when you were chasing me through a country club because I said your house was in foreclosure. Oh look, it is! I might have to stop there because as we all know, they are deep in the mud, and I don't want to go any further so I will now draw attention to the blessings in my life, which are FAR more important to me.