Danielle Staub

Danielle talks about Teresa's baby girl, Jacqueline's gun safe, and her friendship with Danny!

on May 25, 2010


As for your conversation with Ashley, I thought that was one of your most genuine moments. But then, life coach? Seriously? Do you even know what a life coach is? For your information, two of the names you mentioned were changed because when you get married, you change your name. You of all people should know that, you’ve been married twice Jacqueline ... Grippa ... Holmes ... Laurita. I guess there might be more to come (for both of us). Just sayin’.

Dina, I haven’t really respected you until I saw that brief moment of you being your own person, independently, SPEAKING for yourself (outloud) and, what was that I heard you call your family? Crazy? You like that word. You’ve called me that a few times, too. Or, could that be just an endearing term, since you call yourself crazy? Either way.... You seem to be disappearing, and I don’t mean that in the nicest of ways.

Caroline/Bully/Ya need a makeover/who the hell do you think you are? HYPOCRITE: Definition to follow another time. Where do I begin? Let’s just say, first you say horrible things about strippers, exotic dancers, whatever you want to label people. But then, as your son is interested in it for "business," you remove all the bad language and it is somehow OK. Guess what? It was OK without your validation. And none of us, (and I will speak for all exotic dancers out there) none of us even give a sh** about what you have to say. Because honey, you just look like a jealous person who would never have been looked at on a stage (or off). Let’s face it, you’re still dying for your own husband’s attention. Let’s start by growing your hair out a little bit, or maybe just some extensions. And on a serious note, Caroline, your son Christopher is not of drinking age, and yet you gave your blessing for him to go into Scores. Is THAT even legal? I’m wondering what the authorities would have to say about that? Because you see ... well, you figure it out.

And onto my least favorite part of all about you Caroline. Did you think it was a good idea for you to have your segment about me end the way it did? Do you think you are not going to take a little bit of a hit for that? Well, let me spell it out for you. Now that you see the truth behind me being invited to help a baby, and the fact that I didn’t even hesitate for a moment, but to immediately accept helping them (the only hesitation was in the location), I feel you have a lot of nerve to be concerned about who presents the check. And to be insulted that nobody asked YOU (or Dina) to present a check? Your husband runs the catering hall. You are there to serve people, and those people can invite anyone they want to present checks. I’m even surprised you couldn’t rise above it all, even for a little baby. It shows how hypocritical you and your entire family are. You didn’t even ONCE ask about the baby. You were so concerned about me- instead of the real reason someone would need all of our help. You absolutely disgust me.