Danielle Staub

Danielle talks about her breast augmentation and the release of her duet with Lori Michaels.

on Jun 22, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Episode 8 and still going strong!

I will hold true to what I mentioned in my last blog,  I’m not staying in the past, I just need to revisit it for a moment. Let me take a moment to quote what Dina has said in the past, or how about you just read it for yourself...


I would like to thank Dr. Kassir for assisting and taking me to Dr. Michael Fiorillo to help not only make me feel better about my self image, but to remove the implants that have been causing me years of pain. I cannot express strongly enough to those who are not aware of what can go seriously wrong in a breast augmentation, and how painful it truly can be. Especially when people make fun of a deformity caused by nature, cancer, or in my case, an encapsulation as severe as mine to please be mindful we all have feelings. I in no way want anyone to feel sorry for me. I put this out there because it’s real and to help others that may need me to be strong enough to do so.

I would highly recommend that if you are seeking an augmentation of any form, please get many opinions beforehand. And again, I’m extremely happy and grateful with the results of my fourth, and I do hope final corrective breast surgery. For more information go to:


Tune in for Watch What Happens Live as I will be performing my duet "Real Close" for the first time anywhere. This is not pre-recorded. This is raw, and real just like me. Much love to Lori Michaels for not only writing but performing this song with me, recording, and "staying" real close. Thank you to Andy Cohen for giving me this opportunity to shed a little light on another side of me.