Dina Manzo

Dina talks religion, becoming a Godparent, and Danielle drama.

on May 24, 2010


Hello again,
Let me first start by explaining something to those of you that my be offended by my love of Buddha's and sage. When people ask me what my religion is my answer is always, "I am a Catholic who practices the religion of being a good person." Buddhism makes a lot of sense to me; it is a very kind practice. Now with that said, I talk to God all day long too, I pray while I'm driving, whenever. I am not one who feels they need to be in the confines of a church to pray. I also have a huge affinity for the Blessed Mother, she is actually where the ladybug that is so dear to me got its name. If you check out my crib tour on Bravotv.com you will see I have a little shrine to her over my fireplace in my living room. The blessed mother to me represents everything a woman should be, Strong, beautiful and gracious. I try my best to live by her influence. You will notice that I usually wear a rosary to remind myself no matter what comes my way I have the strength as she did to endure with grace. (I doesn't always go that way, but I least I try.)

Now as far as Zen Jen is concerned. Jen is a friend of mine that makes jewelry based on the energy and meaning of gem stones. I have been a client of hers for years and after spending time with her we realized that we both are extremely sensitive to energy. Energy of people, objects, animals, trees...you name it. Don't let me even get started telling you stories of the crazy things that I have done throughout the years based on energy. Jen is NOT a psychic, or a freak, she is a normal person who makes very pretty jewelry. I called her an Energist for lack of a better word.(Hell, I guess that means I'm an Energist too!)

I ASKED Jen to be on the show, we had a plan of saving the world one bracelet at a time. LOL. So Danielle, there goes your theory of people using me to get on TV. And please stop saying "I'm just sayin'" it's grating on EVERYBODY'S nerves. Although I honestly don't think I will be reading her blogs anymore, they make absolutely no sense and only show more of her Crazy to the world. (God I hope her book had a good ghost writer or she's in BIG trouble.)

Anyway, as I said before if a gem, a Rosary, burnt sage anything reminds you to focus on something positive well then guess what, BRING IT ON. One of my favorite things to do with this practice that doesn't cost a dime is the use of affirmations. I have little postings from this mini calendar I had all over, on my makeup mirror etc. that say things like, "If you are not happy here and now, you never will be" That paper doesn't make me BE HAPPY, come on now, I'm not that crazy, but it just reminds me to count my blessings and be grateful for what I have that's all. So as I get ready for my day, that paper helps me focus on all that's good. Get it? Again, the more you think good, the more good comes your way...