Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline weighs in on the Facebook war and shares some final thoughts regarding Danielle.

on Jun 9, 2010

I will admit, having a lot of friends and a couple family members that are gay, I was VERY offended by what Danielle's friend viciously called my 20 year old nephew. Danielle said NOTHING to defend "her gays" at that moment. ACCORDING TO DANIELLE, it is OK to refer to someone as a "F*ggot" if 1. it's not coming out of Danielle's mouth, 2. of you are NOT speaking to a gay man and/or 3. if you are protecting Danielle. In other words, as long as it is benefiting Danielle you can use any derogatory slang term you'd like. Interesting response, or lack thereof, from a self-proclaimed gay advocate, don't you think? Just for the record, Joe wasn't referring to a gay man either.

I want to clear up something I wrote about in my last blog. I realize that there ARE some Hells Angels that are good people and ex cons that have paid their debt to society and should be given an opportunity to show that they have learned from their mistakes. For those people, I apologize if what I said offended you. I'm not judging you and I wish for your future to be a positive experience based on your new positive attitude and actions. I AM however judging the crew that Danielle brought to the benefit because it was clearly not in the best interest of the sick baby. They were there for the wrong reasons and behaved badly and donated nothing but expected a table. It's a shame when someone is given another chance in society to do the right thing and they continue on the SAME bad path, continuing with their SAME old bad habits and actions, surrounding themselves with the SAME bad crowd that encourages the SAME bad behavior that will, in the end, land them back into the SAME place they were trying to escape. Don't you think?

Teresa, congratulations on YOUR book being on the New York Times Bestseller's List three weeks in a row! It's phenomenal! Those that don't have a copy yet MUST get one. This girl can cook. It's no joke! There are some great tips and fun little stories in there as well. You won't be disappointed.

I think that the "We hate Danielle and she hates us" storyline is getting old. Seriously, how many different ways can you show your disdain for someone? I'm so over it! I'm TIRED of addressing it. This show doesn't have to be so dark. I do realize how bitter I have sounded. Somehow that dirty D brings out the worst in me. I realize that it's not positive or healthy for me or my family so I'm letting it go. I will say a few more things first just to make sure I get it all out so I'm not compelled to say anymore and then I would like to move on. I'm SURE what I'm about to write will apply to Danielle in every episode and describe the person she is now. Danielle will forever be a victim in her OWN mind. Danielle will always be a predator in MY mind. She will continue to try to play one person against another. Her lies and schemes have NO boundaries. It is in my opinion that Danielle is not a good person and I am so grateful to finally have her out of my life and away from my family. I don't care what Danielle decides to do TO, FOR, or WITH herself from this day forward as long as she doesn't do it TO, FOR or WITH me or my family. THE END!



I'll be back next week! XXOO!