Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about her relationship with Danielle and the Brownstone drama.

on May 31, 2010

15. At this point the family just wants Danielle and her gang to leave. The hurt in the baby's mother's eyes from what Danielle was causing at their fundraiser for their daughter was heartbreaking. The Brownstone never asked Danielle or her gang to leave. Danielle makes her rounds to each table before she leaves in a final attempt to defame the Brownstone by lying to everyone saying the Brownstone purposely did not have a table waiting for them and blamed Christopher for throwing her out, yet she decides to leave with "DIGNITY." LOL! Seriously??? Yes, her and her wild pack of dogs left with "dignity" with their tails between their legs. How grateful we are to them. Thank you so much for not "wrecking the place." How "love and light" of you Danielle.

16. As they are almost out the door, Danielle tries to ignite the fuel, once again, in Napoleon by telling him what Christopher said about the "surprise" they would find upstairs. She waits by the exit looking for someone to overhear tough guy's quiet challenge to start a war. No one is listening and nobody cares. Danny then starts to call the Manzos punks and Christopher, a 20 year old, a "Faggot" a few times in a derogatory manner while Danielle just stood there smirking and tight lipped, enjoying it all. Isn't that interesting that last year when Joe, without any malicious intent, said that word about a friend, Danielle jumped all over that and persecuted him for doing so, yet she doesn't say a WORD to HER friend when he says it viciously toward a 20 year old boy?

17. Outside the Brownstone the bashing continues. Danielle even makes a comment on how the Manzos have the nerve to call HER garbage and tells them to "Take a look in the mirrors sistas." and" How could they do this to a baby with cancer?" Golly, I don't know if delusional Danielle realized it or not but the MANZO "sistas" WEREN'T EVEN THERE! OMG! I really think she was SERIOUS and self believing when she tried to blame shift like that. HOLY CRAZY CRAP BALLS! Danielle is CLEARLY the one who doesn't have a firm grip on reality. Somebody PLEASE step in and help this woman before she self destructs any further!

18. Danny may be able to put that 20 year to lifer look he's been practicing to good use soon if he continues on this path. Some advice for Danny, if you want someone to hear your threats and trash talk, try saying it to the face of the person that you want to hear you instead of behind closed doors. It's much more effective.