Jill Zarin

The Real NY Housewife shares her thoughts on the dramatic NJ Season Finale.

on Jun 17, 2009

Why did Chris say Danielle was welcome anywhere near his wife after all this was uncovered? It is nice to see him support his wife, but he should protect her.

I hear now that Danielle is spinning this. I hear she has become an advocate for battered women. Really? Is lying, living off rich men, not working, picking a fight with grown women in front of your children the first things that come to mind for your book tour?

There are people who will read this and say why is Jill getting involved in this and blogging. Bobby asked me the same question. I guess I feel very protective of the Housewives brand and want fans to know that I do not condone some of the behavior of ladies on other shows and like to call them out on their lies.

We all got a gift from Bravo of a 'Lost Footage' episode Thursday night. Then next week is the reunion. With no Housewives show coming on for a while, what will we do?
See you all soon!


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