Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains her long history with Danielle, and the events leading up to the country club quarrel.

on Jul 13, 2010

I did try to just say "hi" to her at the fashion show. I wanted to move on past the table flipping from last year. I'm a forgiving person. I congratulated her on her daughter being in Fashion Week. She could have smiled and walked away. But of course, she didn't. And when she said my house was in foreclosure, it confirmed to me that she was the one leaking that particular fake story to the press that week. My house is not in foreclosure. It was never in foreclosure. We still live there and love it. Happy home, happy wife, happy life.

Maybe Danielle would be more at home with the New York Housewives, some of whom call the press and plant stories about each other. We don't do that in Jersey. Your business is your business, except when it comes to Danielle, who is so desperate for attention and money that she has to call the press with lies about me and my family, lies about Dina and her family, and lies about everyone. When I heard that, I was furious. It was my "pay attention, puh-lease" moment. But I would never lay a finger on her. Ever. For one, I know that's all she wants. She's hoping someone will do that. I would never give her the satisfaction. And two, I'm a mother of four. Do you really think I'm going to touch Danielle or anyone else? If you rewatch the episode though, did you notice how much I was manhandled by everyone from Kim G. to the bodyguards to random people in the hall? I do hate people touching me and yet there were hands all over me. I was shoved and punched and pulled. (Joe was right, it's a good thing he wasn't there because he would not have taken that well.) In comparison, Danielle was carried around like a little baby. Literally no one laid a hand on Danielle except for Ashley pulling her hair at the very end. Go back and count how many hands were on me.

Did I freak out and cry and get hysterical? No. Toughen up, Danielle. (And yes, I do think she got that clump of "hair evidence" out of an old hairbrush. It wasn't even the same color as the hair on her head.) And huge men were roughly restraining me for what? I'm a small woman. I have zero history of assault, kidnapping, battery or drug use. I have never hit anyone. I wasn't threatening Danielle. I wasn't running after her with a closed fist or a weapon or even a glass of freakin' water. I never said a word about harming her. She threw a verbal bomb at me and then ran away. I followed her because I wanted to talk it out woman-to-woman. You saw me in the parking lot. I wasn't screaming. I wasn't hysterical. The bodyguard was high-fiving me. Once I realized that Danielle was fake crying in the car and playing the victim, I was done. I walked away. I knew she wasn't going to talk to me. I went back inside and was fine.

I am a very nice person until you push my buttons. I don't spread rumors or anonymously call people or talk behind your back. I'm a straight shooter. I want to get things out in the open so they're done. It's impossible though when you're dealing with a deranged but calculating shit-stirrer who throws grenades at you from far away and then runs when you try and confront them. I guess I'll just have to try again at the Reunion, huh? So, let's wrap up this week's Danielle review. I see on her blog that she is now a victorious animal full of love and light. Yet don't challenge her on Twitter because she will send you a nasty-gram of hate and darkness. If you are a fan of mine, please don't subject yourself to any of her venom. I love you all too much to think about you having to get even one nasty message from her. On a lighter note, I did find the episode pretty hilarious. The Danielle situation is hilarious because those of us who have known her for years know she was faking it. She staged the whole thing, coming in late with bodyguards, and then baiting me by letting me know she was behind the lies going on in the press. She was literally throwing chairs behind her to try and stop me like we were in a cartoon.