Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks Gia's Fashion Week debut, shopping with three girls, and "ugly runway" looks.

on May 18, 2010

I thought the sibling rivalry between Christine and Jillian was very cute, how Christine didn’t want to admit that Jillian looked like her. I think they look alike and they are both VERY beautiful. It’s hard to look at their mother and see how they could possibly be related. Their daddy must be a really good-looking guy!

It was really hard to watch Christine’s walking lessons. Danielle was glaring at her like the Evil Stepmother in a Disney cartoon. And did it rub anyone else the wrong way when Danielle said as soon as she saw Christine come out on the runway that she “threw up in her mouth”? You say that when something disgusts you. How about saying you “had butterflies in your stomach” because you were excited and nervous for her? Or how about just saying you’re happy for her?

And as for wishing she was a fly on the wall when I saw Christine’s magazine cover for the first time. You got your wish, Danielle! You did get to see me see it for the first time. And my reaction was genuine: I was super happy for her, showed Gia, and told Gia how pretty she looked. I do truly wish Christine and Jillian all the best. God Bless. Kiss, kiss, kiss!

Finally, everyone always asks where to get the hair bows and jewelry and t-shirts me and the girls are wearing on the show, so I decided to sell them myself. You can find them at www.teresagiudice.com under the “Shop With Me” link.

And my book, Skinny Italian, is on sale in bookstores everywhere. You can see photographs, the table of contents, a list of the recipes and read an excerpt on my website as well.