Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks Tae Kwon Do, self-defense classes, and Danielle's "scary" threats.

on Jul 20, 2010

Have you noticed through the entire season that Danielle does nothing, nothing but talk and scheme about us? The rest of us are having parties, taking our kids to classes, cooking them dinner, picking pumpkins ... all you ever see her doing is worrying about us. Please, move on! Get a life! Pay some attention to your gorgeous daughters!

Even off camera, Danielle can’t stop talking about us. She had her lawyer say she was going to sue us. Seven months after the hair pulling incident happened, conveniently after she watches the episode, she decides to announce she’s going to sue us? Really? For what? It’s all on tape, Danielle. No-one threatened you at the country club, you big liar. But one episode later, you actually threaten us: "It only takes one good smack to the head to make a person never walk again." Wow, scary! I’m pretty sure a judge isn’t going to side with you on anything. Ever. But what I want to know is where is she getting the extra money for lawyers for bogus lawsuits? Save your money Danielle and use it for your family, not publicity! And for the record, there is no lawsuit, and my house still isn’t and never has been under foreclosure, thank you, thank you very much.

I am a fiery Italian and I do let things out rather than let them simmer and poison everyone around me. I did want to apologize to Kim D. for disrupting her night. I do wish Kim G. wasn’t grabbing me so I didn’t have to push her off because I really do respect the elderly. I wanted to get things out and over with Danielle once and for all, but she wouldn’t stand still long enough to have a conversation. What can you do?

Finally, what do I think of Kim G.? She’s extremely two-faced, and so desperate to be on TV. She and her "busted up Sex and the City" friends at Danielle’s court date said it all. I would call them the Golden Girls, but I don’t want to "name call" and that’s an insult to the Golden Girls. I love Betty White. Kim G., not so much.

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Tanti Baci,