Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita explains what led her to hug it out with Danielle at the end of the reunion.

on Sep 8, 2010

Well folks, we all survived another challenging season together. Holy crap life can get sticky at times, but I have learned to live by the saying "This too shall pass," and it ALWAYS does. This is my last and final blog of the season. I wanted to write about the reunion as a whole and not divide it into two parts. I want everyone to understand that we filmed for 12 hours, but you are only seeing two hours of it. There was a LOT said at the reunion that may have answered some of your questions, but there was also a LOT that got cut out! Not everything got to air in the two hours that you saw. I think it's because a lot of what was going on between everyone wasn't aired during our season, a lot happened behind the scenes, and what really needed to be addressed and discussed was what the viewers had actually seen. Try and understand that please.

Not going to lie, my intention was to go into the reunion swinging. I was ready to go to battle and win. I wanted to call Danielle out on every lie that I have caught her in. I wanted to hurt and embarrass her with all the truths that I had learned about her and expose her with all of my collected facts. I wanted her to feel the pain that she had inflicted on me and onto others with the lies she had told and for her to answer to the danger I felt she had put all of us into on many different occasions, in many different forms and levels. My dislike for her had grown so much since the end of filming. I had become bitter and angry toward her. I figured that this was my last chance to put it all out there and make it all known. I came fully prepared and loaded.

A lot of things were brought up that you did not get to see. It had been a long day, and I was getting worn out from spewing my venom. We took a long break after one of the few times Danielle had stormed off the set. What had we accomplished by this point? Nothing! Nada! It turned into a big "he said, she said" game, and it wasn't getting us anywhere! Danielle was not admitting to ANYthing! Even with the proof in front of her! If you're going to lie, lie to the end, I guess? I was feeling increasingly  frustrated! The game was getting old real quick.

During the break, we all went back to our corners. I wanted to come back in the game mimicking her just to piss her off. I had enough by that point! I found myself pacing back and forth and swearing. Then I got to thinking some more while I was drinking a Bellini to calm my nerves. I called my husband to vent. I had some time to put out the fire under my ass and reflect on this past year. That's when I had an epiphany!