Teresa Giudice

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on Sep 10, 2010

Ciao Tutti!

I can’t believe the season is over! And I can’t believe how it ended! I was totally NOT expecting Danielle to come over and give me a hug (um, Andy, I thought you said no one could get off the couch and “cross you” again?). I didn’t expect it at all, but I’m not going to turn her away (and no, I didn’t bathe in holy water afterwards, but those of you who told me I should—it did make me laugh). I know she’s still going after all of us in the press, still lying like she always does, but I really do forgive her. I feel sorry for her that she can’t move on with her life. I hope she does. I wish her and her girls every happiness in the world. My focus is my family, my beautiful girls, my amazing husband, and moving forward with my life.

I know there are a million crazy stories in the press about me right now, but none of them are from me except the cover story I did with “In Touch” magazine. If you hear it directly from me, you can believe it. Otherwise, it’s garbage. I wouldn’t even address the rumors except so many of you are asking and I do want you to know the truth. So, here we go: