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on Sep 10, 2010

I also just starred in the charity performances of “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” for marriage equality Off-Broadway. It was so fun and yes, Joe was there to support me and support the wonderful cause.

Oh, and I’m NOT claustrophobic. ;)

I think that takes care of all the crazy stories for the week. I expect the stories next week will have me hooked on drugs or abducted by aliens or something. But I promise you all, I’m great, Joe is great, our kids are great, and we are so blessed by your wonderful messages and support!

Some real good news: “Skinny Italian” is back on the New York Times bestseller list again – this time at #6!!! I’m so excited! Thank you all, my sexy Italian cooks! Visit my website www.teresagiudice.com for sample chapters, photos from the book and a list of all the recipes. They are simple, healthy, budget-friendly and so delicious! Lots of veggie and non-dairy recipes in there as well. And it has the complete nutritional info for every recipe, so it’s Weight Watchers-friendly as well. If you can’t find it in your local bookstore, try the Bravo online store or Amazon. And yes, I am working on my second cookbook right now. It will have 60 more, all new family recipes, new stories, new photos, new fun facts. It will be out in Spring 2011!