Caroline Manzo

Caroline tells us how she really feels about Joe Gorga.

on Jul 10, 2011

Hello again and welcome to Christmas in July! I thought this was a cute episode sprinkled with humor and just enough drama to keep you interested.

I get such a kick out of watching Jacqueline’s parents. Her dad is a retired colonel from the US Army. He’s very regimented and doesn’t mince words when he has something to say. Her mom is very soft spoken and laid back, but every once in a while she’ll come out with a zinger that will make you fall on the floor laughing. They live in Vegas but try to visit two or three times a year for a couple of weeks at a time. Jacqueline has an extraordinary relationship with them and can talk to them about anything. I’m glad you got to meet them, and I hope you see more of Bonnie and Jerry throughout the season. We love them and I’m pretty sure you will too!

Kathy and Richie have been Brownstone clients for over twenty years. Al likes them both very much, and although he respects Kathy’s talents as a baker, he knows the sacrifice and work it takes to be successful in the food industry. There’s so much more to it than greeting your guests and exchanging pleasant conversation by the bar. It’s a tough business that’s often misunderstood as glamorous. Believe me, glamorous is the last word I’d use to describe it! Al suggested to Kathy that she do some small catering jobs where she can schedule her events around her home and family and at the same time get a taste for the business. I agree one hundred percent, and I think they do too. I would hate to see them make a large investment and regret it down the line. I do agree that Kathy should get herself out there though, the lady’s got talent. Whatever she chooses to do I wish her all good things. And PS: If you’re reading this, Kathy, don’t be shy. Drop some cookies off whenever the mood hits, I’ll make the coffee!

Christmas around my house is big business. It is without question my favorite time of year. Everyone gets involved, and it’s a total family affair. You can count on lots of arguing, tons of laughter, endless decorations, and obviously food, food, and more food. I wouldn’t change it for the world; those are the moments that make precious memories and continue tradition, something I think is sadly becoming a lost concept in our society today.