Caroline Manzo

Caroline shares the special word she uses to describe Chris and explains the chapel incident.

on Jun 27, 2011

I meant what I said about the quads. I've known too many people that have been hurt and one or two that have been killed while riding them. It seems to me that most people believe that it's a chance to drive recklessly with minimal risk. You have to respect them for what they are; a motorized vehicle capable of high speed. Unfortunately if you don't act responsibly, they can be very dangerous.  Call me crazy, call me overprotective, but it is what it is.

I didn't mind the guns, I know Chris is pretty responsible with them and I saw that Joe was too.  My boys were taught how to handle firearms from their dad and Albie is actually a sworn Sherriff’s Deputy so I knew that they wouldn't be reckless in that department.  I have to admit it was a little crazy watching them all stand on the deck like they were holding down the fort.  I'm happy that the target was watermelons and not Bambi.  Thank God for tiny miracles.

My brother Chris is what we like to call a "scootch." It means someone who likes to tease you and watch you squirm.  I can just imagine what was going through his mind when he saw Wilbur the pig and the goat. He knew he had any easy target with me and went for it. I think he got the reaction he was looking for! I'm not a vegetarian, but there was no way I could have any of that pork after seeing that poor little pig with the apple in his mouth. I don't even want to talk about the goat's head. I get nauseous even thinking about it. Bottom line is we love to poke fun at each other and laugh, and there's nothing wrong with that, right?

The chapel was actually very sweet. It was endearing to watch Joe's mom and dad show it off with obvious pride.  Let's face it, how many people do you know that have actually built a church on their property? Nice, very nice.  The only thing wrong with that scenario was us. We were just coming down from a crazy weekend of overeating, overdrinking, over bedazzling, nighttime quadding, and gun shooting. It was bizarre. One minute was chaos and the next minute we were lighting candles.