Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline comments on the toughest scene of the season for her to watch, the Ashley intervention.

on Aug 15, 2011

Moving to California sounds wonderful. I would love to move there too someday. I just want Ashley to be realistic in her plans and make some attainable short-term goals to help her reach her long term goals. I know that if Ashley goes to California on her own at this point in time, she is going to learn some hard lessons FAST! It's not as easy as she thinks. We will worry about her as parents, but maybe that is just what Ashley needs. Maybe the only way for Ashley to learn is through her own experiences. What do you think? Should we let her go? Tough love?

I know when you choose to be a parent, you take on a certain obligation as a parent to supply your children with their specific needs. My point is that I think, as parents, we have gone above and beyond that "obligation." We have gone WAY above and beyond what is considered "an obligation" as parents. I think Ashley knows that. If not, I'll make her a list. (But it will take some time.) Remember, Ashley, WE LOVE YOU! We all want to bring out the best in you and for you to have the best things in life feeling good about it because you did the work to get it! You can do it! You have a big family behind you. Never forget that. XOXO!