Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks Ashley could try a little harder with her art and Teresa could try a little harder with Melissa.

on Aug 15, 2011

Since Ashley won't listen to me, I just keep hoping and praying that she will listen to someone else. Anybody else. Feel free to get in line. I can't understand why she is so resistant to me. When all else fails, send in the army! I went straight to Colonel Jerome P. Grippe (my father).

Most of you may not know this about my daughter, but Ashley has some serious raw, creative, artistic talent that she hasn't done anything with. She can draw very well considering she has had no previous lessons or experience beyond art class in high school. She is AMAZING! I feel like she should nurture that talent God gave her. Her father, Matt, was given that same gift. She certainly didn't get it from me. I still to this day draw the same square house with the triangle roof with a chimney with smoke coming out of it, clouds in the sky, a curved V for a bird, a rectangle and a cloud shape on top of it to form a tree, a stick figure by the door, and maybe, if I'm feeling extra creative and happy that day, I'll even add a couple flowers, a dog and a rainbow. Tadaa! That's about as far as I go. When I see what Ashley can do, it blows my mind.

It frustrates me that she won't take that creative talent further. I feel like she should incorporate it into a career somehow or take a few advanced art classes to challenge and enhance her skills. Has anyone seen her recent sketches of Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga on Twitter(@AshleeHolmes)? She has many other drawings too. I'm not sure who can get through to her or what it will take to get her motivated to do something positive for her future.  

I thought it was very nice of Lauren to ask Ashley to design her T-shirts for her  grand opening at Chateau for her new business. I'm so proud of Lauren. She has come a long way in the past two years with her business and in her life. She will be a very successful woman. She is a very creative and talented make-up artist.  I think Lauren was disappointed in the designs Ashley presented to her, because not only did she not design anything from Lauren's vision that they had previously discussed, but also because it showed that Ashley didn't put any time or effort into them. Lauren is well aware of what Ashley is capable of drawing, and she was TRYING to give Ashley a chance to shine. Why wasn't Ashley taking advantage of that? I just don't get it! Ashley had plenty of time to do it and do it well. Lauren was right, Ashley did tell me she did those sketches in her car before she walked into that meeting with Lauren. I was upset about that, but I did my best not to say anything to her about it. I gave Ashley a few reminders here and there to get it done but that only annoyed her, so I decided to leave it alone.