Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks Ashley could try a little harder with her art and Teresa could try a little harder with Melissa.

on Aug 15, 2011

Kathy, who I have gotten to know through Teresa, is a genuine sweetheart if you haven't picked up on that already. I truly and sincerely love her. I love her sister Rosie too. She brought cookies for Caroline on New Year’s out of appreciation for having her and her family there and knowing it had to be a little awkward for her. She was not there to cause a problem. Could it have hurt Teresa to at least TRY one of Kathy's cookies? I don't understand. Is all of this animosity because Kathy made that "unattended child" comment? The footage actually showed that statement to be true, but everyone knows it was a family and friends party, so I'm sure the kids were safe. I don't think that Kathy intended to insult her parenting with that statement. I think she was trying to make a point about how much chaos exploded on that night of the christening, why she was trying to leave, and how she was protecting the kids and getting everyone to safety. I think Teresa misunderstood. I really do. She didn't imply she was a bad parent. That's silly. It's clear Teresa loves her kids.

Maybe Teresa was still upset about Kathy inviting her brother and Melissa to Christmas Eve. I don't think Kathy put any pressure on anyone to come. It was just a simple invite she had extended when things weren't going so well between the Gorgas and the Giudices. I don't feel like there was ill intent behind her invite. When things started to get better between them, she was going to extend the invite to the Giudices as well. You remember how that mission failed.

I remember thinking, "Come on, Teresa, make up with Kathy so we can all go to Punta Cana and be one big happy family! Quit being so stubborn and end it already, it's a new year for new beginnings!" I was so thankful for the invite to Punta Cana, because I had never been there. I think I went home that night and packed for the trip before I went to bed then asked my husband, "So when are we going?" (Always assume the sale.)