Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline shares her thoughts on the Ashley gift situation.

on Aug 3, 2011

Melissa Gorga is spoiled rotten and she OWNS IT! You've got to love it! Melissa wasn't kidding when she said that she lives a life most girls only dream of. (Her and her beautiful kids.) Joey is a keeper! I'm SURE she will get her "bling bling microphone" before long if she hasn't gotten one already. She will probably have one in every sparkling color of the rainbow. You go, GIRL! Sing and make Joey proud, but I think you better let him release his toxins whenever he damn well pleases. Throw your hubby a bone. It's a trade off, girl! Jesus doesn't care if you're having sex with your husband on his birthday. Excuses, excuses! You have to give a little to get a little. Don't be selfish now. Work it, work it! Kidding, I know that Melissa does take care of her husband as in addition to taking care of their kids all year long. Showing appreciation for each other, even if it's in little gestures, is so important to keep a marriage healthy and strong. (An expensive pair of shoes, Louis Vuitton luggage, a gold Rolex watch, and a recording studio will do the trick too!) SCORE!

I just love how Ashley and I tell the story about her not getting me a Christmas gift or anything. (Not even coal! You know, like the one she does her extremely talented drawings with?) And then it cuts to the Cleaver family (the Wakiles) with their children putting their hard earned allowance together that they were saving for their college fund to buy their mom a laptop along with a beautiful heartfelt, supportive letter that brought tears to their parents eyes, because they are just so appreciative of her and all the air that she breathes. Why don't you just stick a knife in my heart? Kidding! That was beautiful! God bless them for raising such thoughtful, giving children. Ahem... Ashley, please take note. I hope you are preparing your letter of gratitude to me for next year. You have plenty of time if you start now. (Make some s--- up if you have to.) Oh, and I already have a laptop, so keep in mind I'm a size six shoe. Just teasing you, Ashley. I love you baby! XOXO!  I know she loves me too. We were going through some rough times last year. Take it easy on her. She's really not a horrible child. People develop maturity at different levels and stages. She actually has a very huge heart. She feels horrible now about not showing her appreciation. She's learning now from watching the show. We ALL are. Ashley and I have some really great moments together. I wish you all could see more of those nicer moments, but even if you never do, Ashley and I both know those moments are there.