Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline shares her advice for Kim G.

on Jul 26, 2011

It was a weird vibe this Christmas at Caroline's with all the cameras there. Not everybody showed up because of the cameras and those that did were too aware of them. Unlike us seasoned professionals who are completely comfortable with embarrassing ourselves on national TV, some family members are just not comfortable with it. We get it. We love you!

The olive sauce is always a must on Christmas Eve. Grandpa Joe holds the secret recipe and won't share it with anyone. He even makes it in private. I, personally, feel that is a bit selfish of him, don't you think? Sharing is caring! Give it up, grandpa! Little does HE know, I froze some of it and I'm taking it to a lab. I will have the secret recipe by Christmas next year! Shhh!

Ashley finally made it to a holiday with us. She was unable to go to Texas this year to see her dad and family there because of reasons I can't remember, so we got the pleasure of her gracing us with her presence this year. I was happy to have her join us. I love that her little brothers could be with their big sister too. 

I think it's silly when Ashley says that she thinks Chris doesn't love her. To me, it's obvious that he does. Of COURSE we love her. I always tell her, "We LOVE you ALL the time, but we just don't LIKE you sometimes." What I think she is seeing is the look of disappointment on our faces and the frustration she hears in our voices when she isn't doing the right thing (which is often). One day Ashley will understand us better and realize that we never asked her to do anything unreasonable and how we handled things over the years was all done out of love for her to teach her how to be the best that she can be. Until then, we are just annoying nags who don't understand that she already knows everything.