Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains her trip to the psychic and opens up about her ex-husband.

on May 31, 2011

I'm not sure how to start this blog, so I will begin with how I still can't get out of my head Teresa saying that she doesn't like the way cumin tastes. Lucky for her there are so  many other "ingrediences" to choose from. She's so funny! Anyway, congratulations to Teresa! I'm so proud of her for making another successful cookbook! It has more Fabulicious recipes, beautiful pictures of her food and her family, plus stories from memory lane and a few ball-busting, Teresa-like comments that we will discuss later. Ahem. Next...

I never used to fully believe in psychics. It started off as a fun, silly girl thing to do with my friends, but when I met Tia at The Craft in Midland Park, New Jersey that all changed. Of course some things that Tia says are general, but she has also has predicted several events down to the detail which she has been right about. It totally blew my mind. She has told me things that she couldn't have known or that I could have ever predicted. She has predicted the same for some of my family members and friends. It's a gift that she has. Just when I thought Teresa had survived it all, now Tia tells me that Teresa has daggers coming at her from all angles and that this will be going on for some time. How much can one woman handle? Teresa has amazing strength, but she's still human for godsake. Time to sage Teresa's house. I get my protection bracelets from Tia. I suggested to Teresa that she get some too. (Actually, she wore some the last time she was on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live with me.) Tia's website is www.Thecraftbytia.com.

For those that keep asking -- I got my fertility bracelet from ZenJen at www.Zenjewelz.com, and I will have both of their websites on my website. Www.JacquelineLaurita.com. It should be up soon. A lot of you have asked me where Ashley got her three jeweled ring that she had on in the diner scene. She got that fromwww.Valou3cap.com.

The boys are so blessed to be able to move into that apartment in Hoboken. The views from their apartment are spectacular! They are having a blast there. Chris and I gave the boys a couch, table, drinking glasses, a throne, and a stripper pole. Haha! I got it at www.flirtygirlfit.com. They are single guys. To be very honest, I think that pole would be a huge turn off to a lot of girls if they saw that in their apartment, and they should get rid of it! I think they already did. It was really meant to be a big joke! (Stripper carwash? Single guys?) Sorry if nobody got it. We were just trying to be silly. I also gave them Gas X, a plunger, 1,000 flushes, Febreeze, toilet paper, butt wipes, etc. You know, things boys need. Moving on...