Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline clarifies some things about the Ashley intervention.

on Aug 26, 2011

When I told Ashley and Chris that I would like Ashley to leave the house now instead of waiting two months, it was because I felt disrespected and didn't feel the desire to do her any favors. I figured if Ashley thought she could afford to move to California in two months without any plans of working here in the meantime, then what was stopping her from moving out now? What was going to happen in two months that would suddenly allow her to move across the country and everything else that comes along with that? I had still never heard a rational, concrete plan from her. She was telling me that she would move there and figure it out. Once she was there, all the details would just fall into place. She didn't officially have a job, or a place to live. She didn't have a whole lot of money saved. She wouldn't have transportation. She doesn't know the city or know very many people that live there that she could turn to for help. She would truly be on her own.