Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr wants to be a Gorga kid next Christmas.

on Jul 31, 2011

Meanwhile I think Ashley is inside sticking her head up the chimney waiting for conditioner to drop from the heavens (I know I said I would lay off Ashley, but I still have to take the open shot and that one was too easy. I’m still livid over what she said to Chris last week).
We cut to the Gorga crew in the car on their way to Kathy’s house. Joey “I’m gonna drink a lot tonight” Gorga is behind the wheel and seems completely sober. Maybe he meant he was going to drink a lot of Coke Zeros and a few Frescas.
Get ready to use your rewind button. At the very beginning of when Joey and Melissa are at Kathy’s house, I swear I saw a woman in a black negligee walk by and kiss Joey on the cheek. Who the hell was that?! Are the Wakiles throwing a key party? It happens right when Richie is showing Joey that disgusting baked fish out on the table. That fish was too big and had lips and completely freaked me out. If I am going to eat fish, I don’t want to eat one the size of  a freaking Doberman.

Kathy’s party is also off the hook. Little Joey is in the living room on the floor looking for his keys. The Bravo cameraman shows a close up of the Doberman fish’s lips and I almost puke a little inside my mouth.