Jay Mohr

Episode 14: Jay Mohr finally agrees with Ashley about something.

on Aug 21, 2011

The next day at Jacqueline’s house everyone is tucked back into their closets. Ashley sits down with Chris and her mom to talk about her upcoming move to California. When Chris asks her for some details about moving to California, Ashley says it was all Jacqueline’s idea in the first place, and then calls her mother a bitch to her face. She does all this while texting. It begs the question, why doesn’t someone smash that freaking phone out of her hands? Toward the end of the episode Ashley is giving her interview wearing a blue shirt with a purple oven mitt on her head. Blue and purple, Ashley? C’mon, girl, not even Luther Vandross could pull those two colors together. The show ends with Chris telling Ashley, “Get your stuff and get out!” That sound you heard tonight outside your window was America applauding.

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