Jay Mohr

Jay thinks he may have stepped into RHONJ bizarro world.

on Aug 7, 2011

The episode opens with Caroline at her radio job. I noticed the “Big Ragu” engineer isn’t there anymore. He has been replaced by a new guy that looks suspiciously like a Manzo. I guess Caroline didn’t like the way Carmine from Laverne and Shirley pointed. As she doles out advice, there is a new guy pointing; and he can really point. In engineer school they called him “Pointing” Scott Taylor. I’m not sure why Caroline is pushing her headphones to her head like she’s singing We are the World. The new engineer better step his game up. You may be a great pointer, kid, but don’t you EVER mess with Momma Manzo’s levels.
Melissa is in her Range Rover I think driving to Barbazon modeling school.  If she doesn’t want to be a model she can still look like one, right? The cameras in the car show that her car radio is pre-set to the Britney Spears channel. Atta girl, Mel! I knew you had taste. If Britney were smart, she would hire Melissa Gorga to open for her on her world tour. That would be way better than that clown D.J. Pauly D she has opening for her now. The kid is a star on Jersey Shore and he’s from freaking Rhode Island. Child, please! Britney, get some Jersey girls up there to open your Six Flags show in Jackson Township. If Melissa Gorga got on that tour, I would be in the front row for On Display. Let D.J. Pauly D tour on his own and have Kim Zolciak open for him yelling, “Google me! Google me!” Melissa must have gotten an advance check from SOULDIGGAZ, because she has enough ice on her fingers and ears to feed the Klumps. Seriously, Joey Gorga must be extraordinary at his job, because Momma Gorga is rocking about 200k of jewelry just driving around town. I’m starting to really like Melissa. Any girl that gets iced out to go for a drive to Pathmark is my kind of broad. Either it makes her feel fancy or she is secretly in Wu Tang Clan. Either way, Melissa Gorga is dressed to impress. That much jewelry must have taken a lot of poison.