Jay Mohr

Episode 19: Jay Mohr thinks Teresa just cookbooked herself out of the circle.

on Oct 10, 2011

Over at Jacqueline's house, Chris' brother Jaime comes over from out of town for a visit. Jaime looks like Chris if Chris got put in a blender with Jessie James. Jaime decides on this visit that he is going to have a talk with Ashley. Ashley surprises Chris and her mother by unveiling a new tattoo. I know I am supposed to be angry at the way Ashley is behaving, but I really don't care at all. Somehow Ashley has jumped her own shark. While watching the show, I didn't care about Ashley's tattoo. I didn't care about Ashley's potential move to Los Angeles (I thought she already left). Sadly, I didn't even care about Chris and Jacqueline as long as Ashley was on the screen. Ashley has become a giant black hole of, "Who Cares?" The Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of my favorite television shows, but when Ashley is on the screen, it all just becomes white noise. In a medium that is based on controversy and excitement, Ashley has committed the cardinal sin. Whenever she is on screen, I feel complete indifference.