Jay Mohr

Episode 19: Jay Mohr thinks Teresa just cookbooked herself out of the circle.

on Oct 10, 2011

In the cookbook, Teresa says some pretty petty (and pretty stupid) things about Melissa and Caroline and even sweet little Christopher! Teresa says that Caroline is 1/16th Italian. When Jacqueline asks her if she thinks Big Chris is 1/16th Italian, Teresa says she wasn't talking about Jacqueline's husband, she was talking about Caroline. Jacqueline briefly tries to explain that Caroline and Chris are brother and sister, which would make both of them the same fraction of Italian, but Teresa interrupts her and asks if anyone can take a joke. Caroline says in her interview, "There's no legitimate reason why she would take a shot at my son…not my kids." Momma Manzo says this very calmly and coldly into the camera. I then realized that Teresa had just cookbooked herself out of the circle.

On a side note, what recipe would require her to mention Christopher? Was she making stripper carwash flambé? This is very disturbing behavior from Teresa. Go back and read my blogs from a couple of months ago. I wrote that I thought Teresa was coming undone. It turns out I was right. Not only has Teresa come undone, but it looks like entering Season 4 she has become unwanted. By taking shots at people in her cookbook, she has alienated herself from Caroline, Albert, Albie, Christopher, Lauren, (Greg?), Jacqueline, Chris, Melissa, and eventually her brother. That's ten people that just turned against you on a show with a cast of twelve. That's tough sledding.