Jay Mohr

Episode 18: Jay Mohr thinks the Teresa/Melissa rivalry has reached Nomi Malone/Cristal Connors levels.

on Oct 2, 2011

That night the gang all settle in for a dinner at Benihana Punta Cana. On a side note have you ever noticed how long it takes to get that awesome Benihana smell off of you after you leave? The most delicious place on earth has the longest lasting smell. I dare you to go into Benihana wearing a wig and a cashmere sweater.

Christopher, Albie, and Greg decide to have a beauty contest in the restaurant. They say they want to crown the "Punta Princess." This doesn't sound like a good thing. It sounds like something you would swear at someone during the Puerto Rican day parade. Teresa wins the style award. Kathy wins the creativity category (Teresa actually looks mad). Melissa gets hit with a trivia question: Who is the vice president of the United States? Teresa can't stand not having attention for five seconds so she yells out, "Clinton!" Yes. Yes, Teresa, the vice president of the United States is Bill Clinton. Go back to sleep. Eventually after thinking about it, Melissa says, "That white guy with grey hair." In all fairness, historically I think she is right half the time. Right when I thought Bravo would lose the coveted Delaware demo from Dover to Rehoboth Beach, Melissa answers, "Biden!"