Jay Mohr

Episode 15: Jay Mohr isn't too sure what was in those hookahs.

on Aug 29, 2011

At Teresa's book signing we see a nice turn out. Her book is called 'Skinny Italian,' and it's a New York Times best seller. When is someone going to grow a pair and write the "Big Fat Slob Italian Cookbook"? That's the cookbook I would buy.

Joey and Melissa come by the book signing late. Like, 8:30 for a 5:30 book signing late. I guess it's fitting that they have the place to themselves for some dramatic family talk. For a moment, the cameras caught Joey Gorga with his guard down and he yells to the storeowner, "That's my big sister!" You can see how proud he is of Teresa. The happiness then turns to anger, and it gets a little creepy. Joey instructs Teresa to go home and tell her husband to stop threatening him. Teresa says, "He's not threatening you," to which all of America shouted, "Show her your texts!" at their televisions. The argument gets briefly sidetracked by some Facebook nonsense, but Joey tells Teresa several times, "Tell your husband to stop threatening me!"