Melissa Gorga

Melissa shares her thoughts on Teresa's Christmas Eve party.

on Jul 25, 2011

I really enjoyed the night and felt like it couldn't have gone better, but watching the episode I saw that Teresa and Joe Giudice felt VERY different. Teresa said I don't act like a Gorga, but the truth is I'm not a Gorga! I'm a Marco and very proud of it! She needs to realize that her brother's married and learn to welcome people into the Gorga family. There are a lot of wonderful people out there that are not Gorgas!  Also, was I really dressed inappropriately? I had leggings on, geez! I like to dress festively for the holidays! I do every year!  

There is no denying that Teresa is hard to please, but come on, I'm really trying here! I wanted everyone to be happy, I wanted them to see that I'm not the reason Joe and Teresa aren't getting along. I'm pushing for them to be together. But maybe you can understand why Joe doesn't want to be around his sister's husband and his family when he says horrible things about his wife.  

I'm completely in shock with Joe Giudice's behavior. I had absolutely no idea he was saying those things about me that night. I think it is disgusting and definitely not normal behavior for a 41-year-old man to speak about a lady like that, on Christmas no less. He's watching me happily take pictures of the kids and talking behind my back.  Calling me a “witch” and saying that my husband and I are “animals.” Not cool! Joe and I are trying really hard to fix this, why is he doing that? Why is he saying that? I think those are really mean words, and I'm really upset he feels that way. 

Just for the record, I have done nothing to hurt Joe Giudice or his family. I have no idea what his problem is with me. Joe and I were really taken aback by his comments. It's funny how my Joe says in his interview that he always hears how the Giudices and Joe talk behind our back and then Joe Giudice goes and proves it. He says who would want to be her, well Joe Giudice, I happen to be very grateful for everything in my life and I think I live a great life, so please stop analyzing it and just worry about your own. He is Antonia's godfather, I chose him over my other brother-in-laws, shame on him. I see he says something really nasty in the preview for next week's episode and it makes me sick. I hope Teresa puts him in his place like she always tells her brother to do. With that said, I really hope we can stay as happy as we all are right now, because I'm really loving this and Joe and the kids are so happy. Time will tell.