Melissa Gorga

Melissa shares her excitement about her single release.

on Aug 15, 2011

Teresa trying to get the girls to take pictures was pretty funny too! I know it can be so difficult to get little ones to take pictures! Their facial expressions were hilarious. Gia is always like, "Leave me alone!" LOL. Teresa trying to get her speech out was funny too, good times, good times!

Last but not least... I finally put that studio to work and recorded On Display -- Yay! Thank you, Joe! I was so nervous to do it for the first time; recording in a studio is crazy. I’m used to singing in the shower! The studio is so different! Thank God I had great, patient producers to help me through the first time step-by-step. Now I’m a pro! LOL! I have four solid songs completed and can’t wait for you to hear the rest!