Melissa Gorga

Melissa gives her take on all the family drama from the past two episodes.

on Sep 12, 2011

Hi everyone, 

First I want to send my prayers and thoughts to all the families that are devastated by 9/11. I can’t even begin to comprehend how difficult these past ten years have been, but it’s incredible to see how united everyone is and it really puts things into perspective on how precious life really is. 

We were all away during the last episode so I didn’t get a chance to blog. I can’t believe how much damage Hurricane Irene created throughout New Jersey and the east coast. Roads are still closed in my town. I hope that everyone’s friends and family are safe. 

I’m going to touch on the previous episode briefly because much of what happens in this episode between Joe Giudice and my husband stems from that episode. You have to understand that the problem that exists between our families is deep, and we still haven’t been able to get past it or agree on what the problem actually is. Teresa and I will always support our husbands and they will support their wives. When there is tension between any of us, it tends to build up and boil over like you’ve seen over the entire season. What I hope you understand is that this has been happening for years, way before the Housewives. The tension between the Joes has been around before I entered the picture, but I guess it’s easier for Teresa to point the finger at me because she doesn’t want to blame her husband or her only brother, which I can understand.