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Melissa can't even imagine how difficult Jacqueline's struggle with Ashley must have been.

on Aug 24, 2011

OK so let's talk about my shirt! Umm, hello, it's a goddess party with a bunch of girl friends, I thought it was a perfect choice! Kathy asked us to dress the theme. I see I was the only one to actually run with it! OK, Rich with the holy water was a little too much, easy there killer! Mending the relationship with our families is a work in progress. I vented to Kathy about the play date that Teresa and I had, because I didn't want to vent to my husband and I had to get it off my chest. I told Kathy the whole story including how Teresa reacted to seeing the studio and hearing that I was recording a song. I did everything I could that day to bite my tongue and not say a word to Teresa when she was at my house. Kathy is my friend and I tell her everything.  Doesn't everyone vent to their friends? You can clearly see there is still some tension between Teresa and I at Kathy's party, but baby steps is all we can take. In the end we all appreciated being together and had a good time.

My goddess shirt was from

Check in with my website I posted some pictures from Beatstock and my rehearsals with Cris Judd!

I hope everyone has a magnifico giornata!



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