Melissa Gorga

Melissa talks about the difficulty of being the new girl.

on May 24, 2011

On to the second episode. First of all, trick or treating is my favorite! Did you see my two little bats and my pretty little peacock? I love them so much! So cute to see them on the screen, they are so precious to me. I have to admit I'm slightly obsessed with them. We went trick or treating for five hours that day and to two different neighborhoods. My feet were killing me! We had enough candy to fill our candy draw for a year. You will come to see that when my kids walk into a room, Joe and I just light up. We were meant to be parents. When I said, "I'm a wife and a mommy, and that's what I do best," I meant it. They are my life! 

OK, let's discuss Joe in the leopard dress. He's so annoying! Why couldn't he be something that would get me excited! Nothing embarrasses him, he's just that confident type of guy. God bless him, he's better than me. I wanted to crawl under the table when I saw that, but he was laughing hysterically! We had a really great night with my sisters and our friends. We try to do it now before we get old and never want to go dancing anymore, it keeps us young and fresh! At this point I'm really starting to like Kim D., but I am not so sure about Kim G. Time will tell. 

Loved watching Teresa play with her kids and their friends at the party she had for them. Those are the times I wish the kids could be together. That's all they have to remember when they get older. Friends come and go, but family is forever. Jacqueline's house looked like a great time too! I agree with her that fall activities are the best, and Jersey is gorgeous in the fall! 

Kathy and Rich invited us over to talk about what happened at the christening. They knew how hurt Joe and I were, so they wanted us to come talk about it. They are good people and know that Joe needed some family to talk to, and they were kind enough to offer that to us. I love them for that. As you can see, my husband was still so upset. I think he was expecting a phone call from his sister asking if we were all OK and trying to explain why she pushed him to that point, but he never got anything, He admits the way he reacted was not the right way, but bottom line is it was his son's christening. Families have blowouts, sometimes even tragic ones like this, but most of the time you get a phone call the next day. I think he wanted that from his sister. He wanted an apology for doing what she does best, causing a stir and getting everyone crazy when it all could have been avoided in the first place. He then would have told her he is so sorry for calling her garbage. He absolutely doesn't think she is. That's how family should get through tough times, talk it out and forget about it. I think Jacqueline hits the nail right on the head when she says, "Whenever Teresa says hello or congratulates someone, sh-- hits the fan.” I also think Jacqueline's face says it all when Teresa says, "I'm never confrontational." Hmm, Jacqueline might be on to something there!