Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains her comments during her meeting with the lawyer.

on Aug 23, 2011

In this episode, I'm also still upset -- yes still, still, still -- about Melissa and Kathy joining the show. I've made no secret of how it happened and how heartbreaking it was to me. It did not make me happy. I'm sorry, but you will see me not being happy about it for quite awhile longer. I don't think if Bethenny's mom just showed up on her show without her knowing, or any of the other Housewives' relatives who they had a painful history with just showed up on their shows, that they would be upset for an episode and then suddenly be over it.

Getting over stuff and healing takes time. I needed to adjust. And it doesn't happen in just a couple of episodes. But just keep watching… And maybe follow us all on Twitter and Facebook, and you'll see where we are today. In this season, we still aren't there yet. Maybe watching us go from there to here will help some of you in your own family conflicts. If anything, you can always just knock back a few bellinis and thank heavens you aren't those crazy Jersey Housewives!

I'm not perfect and I've never pretended to be. If you followed anyone through their private life for three years, you'd see them at their best and their worst. Yes, we gossip and we fight and we make mean comments and we say things we regret. Unfortunately, our mistakes are broadcast around the world. I do regret saying "my Jewish friends" to describe specific people, because I wasn't trying to group anyone together for any reason. I was trying to explain how hard it is to stay married when you are going through the issues Joe and I are going through -- not to mention tabloids, four kids, family drama, other lawsuits, our lives on TV, etc, etc… A lot of my friends are going through divorces. A lot of my friends have lost their marriages because of money problems.