Teresa Giudice

Teresa responds to all the cookbook chaos.

on Oct 12, 2011

People who are constantly looking for the bad are going to find it, even if they have to make it up. Rather than just relying on certain sentences read out of context, go get the book and read it for yourself: http://amzn.to/n93wMh. Exactly like Skinny Italian (http://amzn.to/ppsCG6) was, Fabulicious is fun, irreverent, and entertaining, and yes the recipes are freakin' delicious!

Like Kim Barnouin in her 2005 best-selling cookbook Skinny Bitch and Bethenny Frankel in 2009's Skinny Girl Dish, I wrote my books in my own voice. Not everyone is going to love how much Kim uses the F-word, or Bethenny's stories about Paris Hilton, but plenty of people do. My books are written for my fans -- fun, gorgeous, girls with attitude, amazing supermoms with senses of humor, fabulous guys, and even grandmas who never lost their sexy side. The list of things I joke about is long: The Olive Garden, KY jelly, priests, hair extensions (not the ones Ashley pulled out Danielle's head!), virgins, public pools, ass magic, US Magazine (I think those last two are closely related), Andy Cohen, cleansiness, and much, much more. And I give out millions of compliments as well to Bethenny and Dr. Oz, to Rachel Ray, Christian Siriano, even that adorable country girl Laura on America's Next Top Model.

I think it's exactly that, plus my delicious recipes, that made my books so successful. Allure magazine called them "charming" and "authentic." Publisher's Weekly, a serious industry magazine that only reviews the best-of-the-best said: "It's the chatty Teresa and her feisty yet playful anecdotes that make this an irresistible, guilty pleasure" and "like its bestselling predecessor, Skinny Italian, Giudice's follow-up Fabulicious contains more of the simple, authentic Italian recipes and reality show quips that made her first book a hit."