Caroline Manzo

Caroline explains why she didn't want to be the face of The Brownstone Sauce.

on Jul 15, 2012

Oh, I almost forgot! Let’s give a shout out to Miss Patti LaBelle! How adorable was Gregg while he was speaking to her? She was so gracious and kind, and I nearly died when she tried the BLK and loved it. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself, that moment was one of those times. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miss Patti! xoxo

How cute is my Albert? I love him to death for wanting to put this face of mine on The Brownstone sauce jar, but I agree with the boys, it’s not my sauce! It’s The Brownstone recipe that they’ve been using for over 30 years was derived from Al’s grandparents. I didn’t belong on the jar, and I’m glad Al changed his mind. I will tell you this -- it’s phenomenal. No preservatives, sugar, dyes, gluten free, and made with the best ingredients. I’ve been after Al to jar the sauce for about 8 years now, and it’s been a 5-year process, but it’s finally here! He doesn’t know this, but I’m hoping he will move over to Brownstone packaged goods and semi-retire. Again, fingers crossed! One of my absolute favorite things to watch is the interaction between my boys and their dad as he asks for advice on packaging, shipping methods, food brokers, etc, etc. They tease him relentlessly, but he’s a great sport and is beyond proud of them. Those Manzo men, they’re cuties with brains and heart. Xoxoxo