Garden Statements

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor is obsessed with Heather and her wisdom.

on Jun 25, 2012

No. 2 - Why Did I Get Married?

The Manzo brothers always manage to get right at the essence of all the drama on the show. Kind of like a modern-day answer to the Greek chorus. As Chris and Albie watch Teresa and Jacqueline go back and forth, they offered up their best guesses as to what was being said. My favorite conjecture being:

"If you were really mad at me, you'd throw a table at my face, right?"

But however nonsensical their fictional conversation was, it did bear
similarities to what was actually said in that their was no resolution.

This scene did raise a bigger issue though -- has the show turned Albie and Chris into eternal bachelors? The constant fighting between all the women has left them thinking that they never want to get married. Something tells me Caroline (and the single ladies of New Jersey) aren't about to let that happen.