Garden Statements

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor was a fan of Chris Manzo's description of Kathy Wakile.

May 21, 2012

No. 2 - Little Women

Watching Teresa crack up while scoping out the training bra selection was hilarious. It's kind of like when the actors on SNL break during a sketch and you can't help but laugh with them. Obviously it was a bit, um, early for Gia to be shopping around for bras, but hey, I guess you have to roll with it. You can't be the only girl without a bra in middle school. I couldn't help but wonder though whether Teresa's laughter was partially motivated by the abject fear that comes along with realizing your daughter has officially crossed over into tweenhood. From what I understand, this is probably one of the most terrifying moments in a parent's life.

But props to Gia for sticking it out and getting that bra. I felt her pain at constantly being rebuffed by her parents. (I totally had a flashback moment to asking my parents to buy me baggy jeans in the '90s and being cruelly rebuffed.) She was already fragile going to a lingerie store for the first time, so Teresa cracking jokes certainly wasn't helping (justified as they may be). The road to adulthood is paved with incredibly awkward moments.