Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita hoped that the trip might bring Teresa and her family closer.

on Aug 6, 2012

My personal opinion is that this is all an act. This is the quickest I have ever seen Teresa forgive anybody. I tried to get her to do that for two seasons with no luck. I used to have the same issue with Teresa. I would give her my honest opinion, which didn't always match hers, or I would point out a different view on a situation, and she would get mad at me for not sharing the same view as her and then would talk behind my back about how I wasn't a great friend. It was very frustrating and exhausting, because although we didn't share the same opinions or views at times, it didn't mean that I was "picking a side" or that I loved Teresa any less. In Teresa’s eyes however, she wondered whose side I was on. I was actually always on the side of a better outcome for all involved. That's all! I don't like the feeling of someone trying to manipulate me into choosing a side. Mature grownups just don't do that. I'm not a groupie, I'm a real friend. I tried to help her fight for peace, for herself and everyone involved.

Just for the record, I've kept all my friends since grade school and from every place I have ever lived. They live all across the U.S. and we still keep in touch. I think that says something. There is mutual appreciation and respect there.

Besides that little bit of drama, we were off to a great start. Everyone seemed to be playing nice in the sandbox together. How long do you think that will last?

I don't care what any of them say, they loved the RV and camping as much as we did! It was the first time, in a long time, that I saw everyone pitching in to help each other. It was the first time that I saw everyone laughing and hugging and being silly. There were a lot of laughs on that trip. They can't deny that. I thought that this is what they needed the whole time. A few good memories together and they might forget the negative feelings from the past. So far, so good. Let's just watch what happens…