Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita was hoping all the fun in Napa would bring Teresa closer with her family.

on Aug 15, 2012

I needed to lean on Teresa as a friend at that time as well, and I felt like I wasn't being heard or that she wasn't concerned with what I was dealing with. When Teresa said to my face that she didn't ask me questions because she didn't care, that cut me very deep. I, unlike her, wanted my friends to ask questions. It feels good when someone else cares and wants to help. I think we have a different perspective on the definition of true friendship. It doesn't make either of us wrong, just different. As much as I was trying to help Teresa, I felt like my efforts were misinterpreted and she was upset and disappointed with me more and more. It was frustrating. I wanted her to know that I had her best interest in mind, and when I didn't agree with her on things, it didn't mean that I didn't love her. I just felt that there were more important things in life to worry about or focus on.

Anyway, I was really glad that we finally sat and talked and that she initiated the conversation. I apologized if I had hurt her, and I meant it. For those of you that were on my back for not apologizing, now you can see that I clearly did. It really wasn't my intention to hurt her in the first place. I felt bad for losing my temper, because I felt hurt at Melissa's launch party. I already knew that she most likely wouldn't be accepting blame or apologizing for anything, because I know that is just how she is. I was OK with that, because I felt like maybe she finally understood me more and maybe it gave her more awareness of others feelings. I was just happy to be more at peace with her after our talk, because I was feeling unsettled at that point. I was definitely happy that she seemed to be getting along with her family and that we talked. Things seemed to be better between us, but somehow I knew things would still be different, although I was still hoping for the best.